Mecklenburg County Public Defenders

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Great Lawyers Who Care

Who we are:

The Mecklenburg County Public Defender Office is located at 700 East Fourth Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving adult clients charged with criminal offenses in the State trial courts.  We are the largest public defender office in North Carolina.  Our team consists of 62 lawyers, 27 legal assistants, 9 investigators, 2 social workers, and a Spanish interpreter.  Beyond the courtroom, we are active in the Charlotte community, partnering with those interested in a better justice system and safer neighborhoods.

The unfortunate truth is that money often influences what kind of "justice" a person receives in the criminal justice system.  We seek to gain justice for our clients by providing them with the legal representation they deserve but cannot afford.  We work with clients to identify their needs.  They may need a skilled lawyer who is prepared to try their case in front of a judge or a jury.  They may need help in addressing substance abuse or mental health issues that contribute to their involvement in the system.  They may need help finding work, or housing because their involvement with the system has made these difficult to come by.  This holistic approach leads to better outcomes for clients and the community.   

How we do it:

We are best able to help by listening to our clients and responding to their needs.  We refer to this as being client-centered. We deliver our services to our clients without judgement.  No matter who they are or the accusation against them, our clients can be sure that they will receive the best representation.  We deliver the best services by recruiting the best people to work here.  Our lawyers come from the best law schools in the United States.  Our investigators, legal assistants, and the entire staff are selected on their abilities to do this work well and without judgement.  .