Mecklenburg County Public Defenders

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We offer one of the best internship experiences available to those contemplating a career in indigent defense.  Each summer, we accept a group of 20-25 law students who are interested in helping our clients.  We begin the recruiting process in September each year.  Look for us at the Equal Justice Works Career Fair in Washington D.C. each October and the NYU Public Interest Career Fair in NYC each February.  We also interview on campus at each of the seven law schools in NC. Interested students who cannot meet us at one of those options should send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Interns are given a welcoming reception and receive a two day orientation and training before they are paired with attorneys for the summer.  Interns who are rising 3Ls get certification to practice direct representation under the supervision of their attorneys.  This means that in addition to the duties and assignments of all interns, they will be directly representing clients in court.  These interns represent clients facing misdemeanor charges at bond hearings, motions hearings, probation violation hearings, and trials.  All interns are directly involved with clients. While interns do conduct research, most of their time is spent in court, at the jail, or in the community.  We arrange tours of the crime lab, jail, medical examiner's office and several service providers who help our clients.  Interns are invited to participate in all in-house trainings and are sometimes asked to present on a particular topic.  One of the highlights of the summer is our annual picnic, where in addition to our band, great food and fun, each intern receives a tee shirt designed for that year's class.

Choosing the best interns and providing them a challenging and rewarding summer is important to us.  We hire new attorneys primarily through this internship program and make a genuine effort to get to know them.  We support our interns after they leave as they seek advice, recommendations, or information in finding a great placement upon graduation.  If you are interested in our program, please e-mail, or sign up to see us on campus or at the career fairs.